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This 6 Week Course will help you create leverage and accountability for you to be able to fulfill on what you want to make happen this year! Whether it’s to create more clarity in your life, make more money, lose weight, live a healthier life or expand your network, Agile Artist Inspire is the catalyst to jumpstart your dreams, ambitions and goals!

Inspire Will:

Play More Full Out in the Game of Life!
Learn how to reconnect with who you know yourself to be and what your passion in life is!
Create An Inspired Future For You to Live Into!
We'll be talking about creating a "Hollywood Script" for your life and the character you get to be to make it happen.
Efficiently and Effectively Overcome Limiting Beliefs That Hold Us Back
It's important to have the right tools and strategies in life to create the life you truly desire!
 Just a few months ago, I felt like I was living life on autopilot. I couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing. I decided to take Colin's 6-week Inspire course. I got to learn directly from Colin what his method of success is, and met a community of like-minded people who want to see me succeed as much as I want them to succeed "
— Heather D.
Before working with Colin, I was stuck... After working with Colin, unbelievably I was able to start getting up at 5 am, my creativity returned, inspired writing returned...It's pretty unbelievable!"
— Tammy L.
6 months ago I was a total mess. I was unhappy, frustrated, and stuck in my life. Due to Colin's program, I changed completely! He motivated me, and gave me new ideas and goals. His knowledge and experience helped me to find myself."
— Vanessa R.

Let's Do This!

The Agile Artist inspire online course includes:

Module 1 "Rehearsal and life script breakdown"

  •  How to start thinking like a movie star
  •  The importance of expanding your mindset
  •  Fulfilling on your self-actualization
  • ​Discovering your "Hell Yeah!"
  • ​Taking risks
  • ​Overcoming rejection
  • ​Honoring your authentic self

Module 2 "Writing your life script"

  •  What is your "Why?" and how to find it
  • ​Writing the 'scenes ' of your life
  • ​Creating certainty in the face of no evidence
  • ​Manifesting an inspiring future to live into
  • ​The Law of Attraction
  • ​Transforming an idea into reality
  • ​Your legacy

Module 3 "A new scene"

  •  Preparing for your new and exciting journey
  • ​Identifying empowering contexts
  • ​How our thought can sabotage us
  • ​Focusing on what empowers you
  • ​Creating your own inspiring 'character' and scenes for life
  • ​Gratitude is the attitude
  • ​The power of community
  • ​Re-invigorating your hidden dream

Module 4 "Red carpet ready"

  •  Intentionally creating your day
  • ​Overcoming procrastination
  • ​Getting specific about your future
  • ​Essential vision boarding
  • ​Saying "yes" to something better
  • ​Being "lit up" with who you are
  • ​Owning that "it" quality
  • ​Cultivating the right team behind you
  • ​Strength in vulnerability

Module 5 "The new celebrity"

  •  Redefining "Success"
  • ​Connecting with the real you
  • ​Success is the journey and is right now
  • ​Perspective of the winnable "game"
  • ​Cultivating more luck in your life
  • ​You are not your feelings
  • ​How to discover better solutions
  • ​Creative solutions for success

Module 6 "pay it forward"

  • The importance of community
  • ​The sum is greater than the parts
  • ​Giving back
  • ​Connecting with charity
  • ​Being an inspiration to others
  • ​Committing to completion
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Money Back Guarantee. We are so confident that Inspire will change your life for the better that if within 2 weeks of registering, you don't feel you are getting the value you were expecting, we will refund 100% of your money paid for the course. 
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